Commercial Photo Gallery

Sewage water on tile flooring in commercial office building caused by clogged toilet.

Commercial office building water damage

This office building had a toilet on the second floor that became clogged, causing water damage on not only the second floor but the first floor as well. Flooring, ceiling tiles, carpet and desks were affected. Due to the source of the water, what we refer to as Category 3 or Black Water, these materials needed to be removed. You can count on SERVPRO of North Kenosha County to clean up even the dirtiest messes. #commercialwaterdamage 

Penetrating Moisture Meters

When water damage occurs, it's not always easily visible. This commercial facility experienced water damage. Pictured below is a penetrating moisture meter which our crews use to detect moisture in certain materials, in this case the drywall. As you can see by the reading, the moisture level is very high. 

How much damage can a broken pipe cause?

Above is a photo of a broken pipe at a local bed and breakfast resulting from the Polar Vortex here in Southeast Wisconsin. This happened on the third floor. All levels were affected including a bedroom, bathroom, dining areas, multiple kitchens, ceilings, walls and flooring. We can handle any disaster, big or small. 

Commercial carpet cleaning

Did you know we do commercial carpet cleaning? Dirt and salt can be tracked into your business throughout the winter months. Here is an after photo of a recent carpet clean we did at a local commercial building here in Kenosha.